Martin Beck: problems and assets

May 1, 12:00 am – 11:59 pm
  • Online
  • Martin Beck
    problems and assets, 2021
    92:35 min, mp3 audio file

    What transformations can a sequence of songs spark? problems and assets by artist Martin Beck is the most recent in a series of playlists made for distribution to friends and colleagues over the past fifteen years. They appear intermittently, motivated by the artist’s own changing listening habits and impulse for gift-giving. In many ways, the playlists function like long-form conversations—exchanges with an intimate community through the medium of sound.

    This newest playlist gathers a range of music released mostly in 2020. The slowly-building song selection resonates with the contradictions and uncertainties of the pandemic period. problems and assets follows on Martin Beck’s Moving Some Rocks, commissioned by FRONT in April 2020. The playlist and accompanying notes can be downloaded here.

    Martin Beck is a New York and Vienna-based artist whose works often draw from the fields of architecture, design, and popular culture. A leitmotif in Beck’s practice is the notion of display, addressing exhibition, presentation, and communication formats and, on a material level, negotiating display’s function as a condition of image-making.